There Are No Mistakes

How often does every one of us make the "mistake of a lifetime?"

Probably everyone has made that remark many times regarding himself. The

circumstances of life have seemed to point out a certain path. We have

followed it. Later we felt it to be wrong. It was a mistake. Did it do

us any good? No. Did we learn any lesson? No. Will we not make another

"mistake of a lifetime" to-morrow, if we have the chance? Yes. Such is

uman nature. So we go on. But there is another side to the shield.

There are no "mistakes of a lifetime," if we sum up the whole life. None

of us can do that yet, but we can put a number of years together and see

a result in them. How about that mistake over which you have been

mourning? Was it a mistake? Is it not possible that if you had what you

think would have been yours had you taken a different course, you would

be worse off than you are now? A young man who is making his mark

recently said, "I am glad my father lost his property. Had I been

supplied with a lot of money while at college, I would have been a

profligate." When the father lost his money he probably thought he had

made the "mistake of a lifetime." Which would any father prefer, poverty

or a wrecked family?

Many pupils rue a supposed mistake in the selection of a teacher. There

is no mistake. Every teacher who can attract pupils can teach something

and every pupil can learn something of him. The mistake, if one was

made, was by the pupil, in not learning what that teacher could teach,

and when he had gotten that, in remaining longer with him.

Don't talk about the mistakes but so shape circumstances that all events

may be used for good. There is something which can be utilized in

everything which happens to us. The bee finds honey in every

flower--more in some than in others, to be sure, but none are without