Speaking And Singing

The basis of good singing is good speaking. The speaking voice in common

use during conversation covers a range of five or six notes. Frequently

lower and higher notes are called into use, but the high and low notes

of the singing voice are seldom used in conversation. The organs which

produce voice, from their constant use respond involuntarily to the

will. They also do correct work. It is seldom that a person, unless he

/> has deformity, has trouble to pronounce any word or syllable, while

talking. Would this were true of singers. The student would greatly

lessen the amount of his labor and also reduce the cost of his musical

education if he were able to speak the words as correctly and as easily

while singing as while speaking. It is toward this imitation of the

speaking voice that one must constantly strive if he would make rapid

progress in voice development. When he has reached the point where he

can sing every vowel and consonant perfectly, and with as little effort

as when speaking, on every tone of his singing voice, and then have that

voice loud enough to be well heard in any hall, the voice is completely

and well cultivated.