Renew Thought

The teacher who does not live in high thought, and who does not attempt

to attain a high ideal, does poorer work than he thinks he does. It is

an easy matter to settle into a rut and to follow certain lines. These

wear themselves out. New ways of imparting time-honored teaching,

although they may not change the principles of teaching, must be

constantly sought. They will only come to mind by keeping the thought in

the highest realm of intellectual possibility to that teacher. One who

contemplates with restful care, in that higher realm, the beautiful in

music, the way of influencing mind, and the most direct way of causing

students to attain that which they need, will ever renew his method of

teaching. Such renewal will contain something better than he had before.

Unless constant renewal, or at least frequent renewal, takes place, the

rut will be entered upon. The longer one follows it, the deeper he

becomes settled in it, and the harder is it to get out from it.