Purity Of Method

Purity of vocal method must not be departed from by teachers. The

introduction of new ideas is at best a hazardous undertaking. In the

routine of teaching week after week and month after month the teacher

finds himself casting about for a new idea. He finds something which

pleases him and tries it on his pupils. Most teachers can look back at

experiments which have failed. Better decide on a few basic principles

and cling to them. The desire to try something new is very liable to be

the result of fatigue from overwork. Better take a holiday; go away from

the classroom and rest. Come back to first principles again and go to

work. The result at the end of the year will be better. Every teacher as

he grows older resolves his ways of cultivating the voice into something

very simple but which, as it condenses, becomes more powerful. There is

only one right way and deep thinkers settle on that alike in time.