Provide For The Young

Parents see the necessity of providing the means for their children to

learn to take care of themselves. A fortune left to a son frequently,

if not generally, proves a curse. A "good match" may turn out badly for

a daughter. A few hundred, or even one or two thousand, dollars invested

in musical education is sure to permit the son or daughter to earn a

comfortable living. It will be more than a generation before the field

/> for musical activity is supplied. More than that, in music, every

further elevation of the public increases their desire for better and

more expensive things in music. There is no prospect that the musical

field will be over supplied with artists and teachers. Happily, the

profession is open to women as well as to men. Our daughters can, then,

receive preparation for independence in it. The necessity for marriage

for mere living has gone by. Daughters are as independent of marriage as

are sons. The time was when boys were held in greater esteem and value

than were girls because they could take business positions and acquire

wealth. The new openings for women have changed this. Woman is making a

place for herself, not through the ballot and because of political

influence, but because she is taking position in the business and

professional world. Everyone, man or woman, should be prepared to take

some position which permits a living income to be made. Parents are

using music as the means of independence to their children. It is better

to spend the hundreds of dollars in education in music than to invest

that sum in any way to provide a fortune for the children. The

life-income from the investment is better for the children.