Musical Library

A musical library should be a possession of every singer. There are less

than two hundred books on music printed in English, on subjects directly

connected with music and singing. These contain all which has been

printed which has any great value. Many are books for reference and a

few contain direct practical instruction. Each teacher and all earnest

students should see how many of these they now possess and plan to<
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develop the library. All the books need not be purchased at once, nor is

it wise to obtain books and put them away on the shelves just for mere

ownership. Get one book at a time, one a month perhaps, and read it

carefully enough to allow you to know what is in it. Then put it away

for reference. It takes but a few minutes to refresh the mind on what is

read. A dozen books a year added in this way will, in a dozen years,

give a valuable library. What is more valuable to the owner is that he

has lodged in his own mind for every day use more than a hundred good

ideas. Books taken from the public library and returned to it do not

have the lasting value that one's own books have. The sense of ownership

is worth something.