Come Up Higher

The man makes the musician as does the musician make the man. The rules

of life which make men better make the musician better. There is a

constant call in life to "Come up higher!" He who has lost the sound of

that call is at a standstill, or rather, since there can be no stopping,

he is sinking from the place once gained. Get within the sound of that

call and heed it. There are no heights so great, but that they form the
/> base to heights beyond. Music is so rich and full that no man can

understand it all and no man has reached the highest place in it. The

call ever sounds "Come up higher!" Music fills all which contains life,

and uses all materials for its transmittance. The air, a subtle ether,

is filled with a still finer ether, on which sound travels. That ether

is filled with vibration. It is ever present. The connection with it can

be made at any moment and the musical thought can be sent off into

unlimited space, to influence all within that space. To be able to use

this at its best the thought which is musical must be raised to divine

thought. The possibilities in that are boundless.

Musicians cannot stop. The year may roll around and one may feel himself

doing a great and good work, doing a work which seems to be well

rounded; a work which leaves the musician, as the end of a season rolls

around, exhausted from labor, and ready to say that the end of his work

is reached, that he has gone to his greatest height. Not so, however.

Next year is a height to be ascended, and that of the present moment is

but the base of that greater height. Music calls "Come up higher."