Before An Audience

When singing before an audience in a hall, do not look on the music. A

glance at it may be made from time to time but keep the eyes off. A

singer appears very ridiculous if he looks on the page. A song is a

story told by the singer in the singing voice. It is not a lesson read

from a book. The story cannot be well told if the singer has only half

learned it. If he is confined to his notes he attracts attention to

himself and that spoils art and the artist. It is best to learn by rote

the music to be sung, and when it can be done, to leave the music in

some place out of the hands. If it must be carried, have it as much out

of the way as possible. A singer of much fame, spoiled his evening's

work recently by fixing his eyes on his music all the time while

singing. This may have been an exceptional evening, but if he does that

all the time, he is no artist, in spite of his repute, and ought not to

receive engagements even if he has a fine bass voice.