Analyze Songs

Every song or other vocal composition should be analyzed as the first

step in its study. The first theme noted, and the second also, if such

there be; the connecting bars; the points which are descriptive or which

contain contrasts; the phrases which may present difficulties of

vocalization; the climax; and, as well, what relation the prelude and

other parts of the accompaniment bear to the song. It is probable that

ore the pupil is capable of doing this by himself, the teacher must

do it for him, not on one song merely, but on a dozen or twenty. A wise

teacher will gather his pupils to hear him analyze music now and then.

It saves time at individual lessons, for the analysis will be understood

by a group as easily as by an individual. It matters not so much that

the pupils are not to sing those particular songs, for at the gathering,

the way to do the thing will be learned. Then as other songs are taught

at private lessons, the pupils will be prepared to receive quickly, the