Britain's Rulers

Old Britain was under the Romans

From fifty-five years before Christ (55 B. C.)

To four hundred fifty-five (455 A. D.)

Then her eight States on home-rule insist.

For many a year now they wrangle,

Ah! yes, for quite three seventy-two,

Being ruled now by this king, now that one,

As each might the former o'erthrow.

ever since eight-twenty-seven (827),

Britain's rulers have reigned by descent,

From Egbert, first "Monarch of England,"

To Victoria, daughter of Kent.

A score reigned and fell.--Second Harold

In ten-sixty-six (1066), proud; usurps,

But soon in fierce battle is conquered

By William of Normandy's troops.

Then came William the Conqueror, a Norman,

Then William the Second, his son;

Then Henry and Stephen and Henry,

Then Richard (Coeur de Lion), and John.

Next Henry the Third, and First Edward,

Edward Second and Third, Richard, two (II).

Henrys Fourth, Fifth and Sixth, and Fourth Edward

Fifth Edward,--Third Richard, they rue.

Henry Seventh and Eighth, and Sixth Edward,

Then Mary, Bess, James, and Charles First,--

Eleven years then with no monarch;

Second Charles, Second James, not the worst.

Then William and Mary, then Anne,

Four Georges, Fourth William, until

Came Victoria, long live her queenship,

For she wields her proud scepter with skill.