A Baby's Faith

Our Maude was dancing with her doll,

In childhood's chattering glee;

A brimming bucket standing by,

The maiden failed to see,

And skipping, tripped; the bucket tipped;

The water, cool and clear,

Was rudely swayed, but, undismayed,

And quickly kneeling near,

Both little hands she spread above

The water's merry surge.

"And what's she doing there," we ask?

No answer, till we urge,

And then, "Why mamma, don't you know

God stilled the waves so wild,

With His great hand? And so I thought,

Although I'm but a child,

That I might still these little waves

With my two hands so small;

And mamma, see, they're quiet now!

But where's my baby-doll?"

* * * * *